7mesh opprinnelig av folk fra Arc´teryx og aktive syklister i området rundt det regnfulle Squamish i British Columbia Kanada. De hadde blant annet en ting til felles, de savnet alle kvalitetstøy laget av syklister for syklister. 

Dette sier de selv, "We were passionate cyclists who spent pretty much all of our free time on two wheels. And we just weren’t satisfied with the apparel available for our sport. And of course, most of us made technical outdoor gear for a living. That factored in. Soon enough, we found ourselves dreaming about solving those gear problems, about making things right. We’d start a company right here in Squamish, and use hands-on design. We’d focus strictly on cycling apparel. We’d use only the best materials and most modern manufacturing techniques. And after enough dreaming, we believed. So we all took a deep breath, quit our jobs and got to work.